Welcome to the DommieDarko.com, the Beta version! We’re set to launch full force on May 30th. Until then, expect tweaks and revisions to both site appearance and content.

What is DommieDarko.com all about? It’s mainly me—but also other people in the Punk/Poly/Kinky/Queer communities—sharing their intimate stories about themselves, their histories, and their past and present relationships. Think David Sedaris, but kinky and x-rated.

I’m also considering doing book reviews.

Do you have something you’d like to contribute to this website? I’m looking to drum up more content. So if you’re interested in submitting a piece, or being interviewed, please drop me a line. You can also submit something directly right here.

Feedback on the site is greatly appreciated! I want this to succeed. So I want all y’all PunkPolyKinkyQueer people to help me out.